Article Eleven

The Second Comming of Christ

We believe in the literal, visible second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in power and great glory. All the world will see Him come in the clouds of heaven with all the holy angels. On that day those who have rejected our Lord’s offer of mercy through faith in the blood of Christ and who have fully aligned themselves with the Lawless One in the final rebellion against the Truth will be destroyed by the brightness of His coming. Those who are trusting in Christ as their Savior and acknowledge Him as the Lord of their life will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. The redeemed know that only the "imputed" righteousness of Christ can answer the holy demands of God’s law. We know that even after an entire lifetime of wrestling with evil tendencies from within, wrestling with temptations from without, and at the same time seeking to be a blessing to others, our sanctification always falls short of God’s holy standard of righteousness. The sanctified life of the Christian always bears the taint of imperfection. We will only be "accounted" worthy on that Day by the grace of God.

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