Article Ninteen

Jesus Christ — The Lord

We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is the same Lord who called the world into existence — walked in the Garden with Adam — saved Noah and his family from the flood — called Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob  — wrestled with Jacob and thereafter called him Israel — lead the children of Israel out of Egypt through the Red Sea and into Canaan land — established the sacrifices of the Levitical priesthood to pre-figure His death as the Messiah — raised up the many Judges and major and minor prophets to deliver the sinful and disobedient people of God — delivered Daniel from the lions and gave him the vision of the 490 years from the command to rebuild Jerusalem until the Messiah’s being "cut off" — and finally sent His angel Gabriel to Mary to announce His arrival as the Messiah.







In other words — the Lord of the Old Testament is the same Lord
and Savior of the New Testament — The Lord Jesus Christ!

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