Article Thirty

Godly Living in a Perverse World

We believe that because of the perverseness and ungodliness of the times, we ought to urge the following recommendations to the body of believers:

  1. Believers ought to dress and behave modestly in public.
  2. Believers should be careful to maintain sobriety at all times and should never become intoxicated through the use of wine or strong drink. Total abstinence, although not mandated by the word of God, should be encouraged as the wisest course for all believers to pursue.
  3. Believers ought to avoid those forms of worldly entertainment, music, dancing, theater, films, and fictional reading whose moral content may be questionable.
  4. Believers ought to make every effort to send their children to Christian schools of the highest possible scholastic, moral, and doctrinal standards.
  5. Believers ought to choose to adopt a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. Knowing that our bodies are the temple of the Lord, we ought to follow the laws of health to the best of our abilities.
  6. Believers ought to make every effort to have morning and evening devotions in the home.

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