Article Six

The Fall of Man

We believe that sin and suffering and death entered God’s perfect creation as a result of Adam’s and Eve’s first act of rebellion against God. Because of the original sin of Adam, all are born separated from God, all are sinners by birthright, by nature, and by deed. The natural heart of man is selfish, unholy, unkind, unloving, pompous, self-righteous, and despises God's holy Law of unselfish love for God and neighbor: the Ten Commandments. All have sinned and continually fall short of the glory of God.

We are sinners by our birthright because Adam and all his descendants have been sold into the slavery of sin due to Adam's original sin of seeking to be God. Just as parents who are slaves give birth to children who are slaves, so it is that all the natural born sons and daughters of Adam are born into the bondage of sin and are bond servants of Satan and his kingdom. The children have no legal right to be free and are slaves as surely as are the parents. (Legal corruption)

We are sinners by our sinful natures because when Adam sinned he cut himself and his descendants off from the original indwelling of the Holy Spirit. All are born without the Holy Spirit and hence the heart and mind of man has a sinful nature which is morally polluted with inherited tendencies and propensities to sin. (Moral corruption)

We are sinners by our deeds because all the natural born children of Adam actively cultivate sin and willfully sin in thought, word, and deed. (Active corruption)

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