Article Seven

The Gospel

We believe that the Gospel is the good news that the Lord Jesus Christ has died for the sins of the world!

God Himself in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ has come to this sin darkened world, lived a spotless sinless life by perfectly obeying and fulfilling the law of God, and then He died for our sins, in our place as our atoning sacrifice upon the cross of Calvary. Jesus took upon Himself the guilt, punishment, condemnation, and death which we all deserve. He is the sin bearer, substitute, and surety for the entire human family. The Law of God requires absolute holiness and sinlessness of life. This righteousness Jesus performed for us (active obedience). The Law also requires punishment and death to all who sin and come short. This penalty Jesus bore for us (passive obedience). In His life and death He became the divine Substitute and Representative for all the human race. God imputed all of the sin of the world unto Jesus Christ so that by God's grace, in Christ, all have been redeemed, forgiven, justified, declared innocent, accepted, washed, pardoned, perfected, saved, elected, set free, reconciled, accounted righteous, ransomed, purchased, chosen, called, adopted, cleansed, purged, healed, sanctified, delivered, made alive, atoned for, found, brought back, bought back, made nigh, born again, and predestined unto life eternal. Jesus lived, died, arose again from the dead, and ascended into Heaven from whence He will come again to save all who eagerly await His return.

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