Proclaiming the Good News


Proclaiming the Good News of the forgiveness of sin and eternal life to all repentant sinners by God's unmerited grace through faith in the sinless life and atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"The Gospel in Genesis"

A video series presented by Answers In Genesis.

We here at Present Truth Magazine believe that "Justification by Faith in the Blood of Christ " is the central pillar upon which our Lord Jesus Christ has built His church. While on the one hand, the church must defend the Gospel from the apostasy of Rome's idolatrous sacramentalism and perfectionism, on the other hand, she must also defend the Gospel from the Antinomian assaults of secular humanism's Theory of Evolution.

In this section of the Present Truth Magazine website we defend the Gospel against the onslaught of secular humanism. We think that none are better equipped to enter the fray than Ken Ham, Gary Parker, and the other men of "Answers in Genesis". Armed with the sword of the word of God and a thorough acquaintance with the arguments of Darwinism, they go forth clothed in the full armor of God.

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"The Gospel in Genesis" Video Series

Noah's Flood
Relevance of Physics, Cosmology, Astronomy
Wild Wild Weather
Reclaiming the Culture
D is for Dinosaur
Radioactive Decay
The Eyes Have It

Raging Waters

Where did God come from?
From Evolution to Creation
Creation Evangelism
The Image of God
In The Beginning
Creation and the Christian Faith
The Monkey Trial
Dinosaurs: Missionary Lizards
Evolution: The Anti-God Religion of Death
Fossils and the Flood
Radiocarbon, Creation and the Genesis Flood
Evidence for a Young World

"The Gospel in Genesis" video series is a ministry of "Answers in Genesis" —

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