The Seventh-Day Adventist movement: finishing the Protestant Reformation and recovering the true gospel of Christ.

Our evangelical doctrines must be continually held up to the word of God lest we run aground on the rocks of legalism on the one hand or the reef of antinomianism on the other. We all ought to confess that in our continually maturing understanding of the word of God we need to be the "church reformed and continually reforming" (ecclesia reformata semper reformanda). In other words, we all have many things to learn and many, many things to unlearn.

The editors of Present Truth Magazine

Grace and Peace for Stubborn Sins by Martin Luther

What are the Fundamental Beliefs of Evangelical Seventh-day Adventists? by Bill Diehl

A Review of "The Seventh-day Adventist Message" Part 1 Part 2 The Adventist message as it relates to the erroneous teaching of sinless perfectionism and "final generation theology"

Ellet Joseph Waggoner — The Myth and the Man by David P. McMahon

"Universal Legal Justification" or "Vicarious Atonement"? Stephen Bauer of Southern Adventist University exposes the false view of "Universal Legal Justification" which denies the vicarious atonement of Christ.

Universal Legal Justification: A Failed Alternative Between Calvin and Arminius Journal of the Adventist Theological Society, 23/1 (2012):96-119. by Joseph Olstad, M.A.

The Error of "Universal Legal Justification" Defined and Refuted by Woodrow Whidden of Andrews University. See also: Woodrow Whidden for other great stuff

Robert Weiland's and Jack Sequeira's "Mystical View of Atonement" refuted by Bill Diehl

Graham Mawell's Teaching of the "Moral Influence" View of the Atonement Refuted by Bill Diehl

The Truth of "Prevenient Grace" in Arminianism Rejects the "Remonstrant Theology" of Philip Limborch by John Hicks

"Prevenient Grace" and Adventist Theology by Woodrow Whidden of Andrews University

The Meaning of the Seventh-day Adventist Movement by Bill Diehl, editor of Present Truth Magazine

The Seventh-day Adventist Understanding of the Atonement of Christ by Denis Fortin

The Shaking of Adventism by Geof Paxton

1844 Re-examined

The Azazel Goat: Christ or Satan? by Bill Diehl

Daniel: fulfilled by Christ by Bill Diehl

The "Meritorious" Cause and the "Instrumental" Cause of Acceptance with God by Bill Diehl

Foot Washing and the Lord's Supper by Bill Diehl

Levitical Food Laws for Christians? by Bill Diehl

Tithing? by Bill Diehl

"Continuing Authority"? by Bill Diehl

Desmond Ford and His Error of "Progressive Creationism" by Bill Diehl

Women Pastors? by Bill Diehl

The Theology of Ellen G. White

E. G. White Quotes on Imputed Righteousness

Against Arianism and Semi-Arianism: Defending the Full Divinity of Christ by Erwin Gane

John Wesley's Teaching of Perfectionism by James M. Hill. "Can justified Christians achieve perfection through a sudden working of the Holy Spirit in their lifetime and subsequently live in sinless perfection?"

Pantheism in Adventism

Dialogue with Former Adventist Now Deist, Robert Brinsmead

The "Old Covenant" and the "New Covenant", Revisited A. P. Andrew Sandlin gives an excellent dissertation on how the apostle Paul uses the terms, "Old Covenant" and "New Covenant", and by logical extension, a refutation of "Dispensationalism", and "Gospel Replaces Law Theology", and the so-called "New Covenant Theology" that Dale Ratzlaff, a former Adventist minister, is advocating.

5/27/17 Flyer for Sabbath Creation Videos Dr. Gary Parker "Charles Darwin versus Genesis"

6/3/17 Flyer for the Sabbath Creation Videos Mr. Ken Ham "Why won't they listen"

6/10/17 Flyer for the Sabbath Creation Videos Mr. Ken Ham "Dinosaurs: What were they and did Noah take them on the Ark?"

6/17/17 Flyer for the Sabbath Creation Videos Dr. David Menton "How the Hollywood movie 'Inherit the Wind' has distorted the truth of what really happened at the Scopes trial in 1925"

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