The Good News in the Bible

Literal Creationism Today
William Diehl

I wonder how the "scientific" community would have actually reacted to Christ as he preached and served. He did both, minister and proclaim truth, yet he was crucified. It was not just the legalistic Pharisees who plotted His death, it was the liberal Sadducees as well. They hated what Christ taught regarding the resurrection which refuted what they believed, so they hated Him personally. We somehow get it in our minds that these people were mean and unkind and harsh spirited. This is a deception. They were meek and gentle and very accepting people until someone pointed out their lack of Biblical faith. This is when their true colors were shown. Some of this world's greatest evolutionists are very kind hearted, gentle, and condescending to the general population until their theory of evolution is challenged. Then it is they who get all up in arms regarding the "lunatic" creationists who dare to challenge their predetermined biases against the seven day account of creation as found in the word of God which Jesus accepted and believed in because He was there and He was the Creator. This is foolishness to the secular scientific community and they do not "suffer fools gladly". They search out and attack creationist views with better efficiency than any medieval inquisition ever attained to. They are the "thought police" on the faculties of all of today's secular universities and colleges. Any scientist who does not spout the Darwinian line is crucified as surely as Jesus Christ was. The possibility of a creationist scientist publishing any research findings in the journals of the secular scientific community are nil.

How is all of this related to the virgin birth of Christ? Christ was not just a good man. Christ was the eternal Lord of All in the flesh, born not by the will of man but according to the will of God. Christ is praised by the world today as a good man, but if He were here today among us in the flesh, He would be hated by the fine, upstanding unbelieving community just as He was 2000 years ago. He was crucified not because of His good works but because of His claim to be the LORD of Glory. He declared Himself God in the flesh. If Jesus Christ is not Eternal God then He was a self-deceived lunatic and He deserved to be challenged as a false prophet by the religious and secular authorities.

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