The Good News of the Judgment

Social Issues and the Judgment Hour
William Diehl

Whenever one stands up for the truth one will "rock the boat". It is impossible to be a Christian without "rocking the boat". Christ rocked the boat when he reproved the Scribes and the Pharisees, calling them vipers and hypocrites. The worst curses that are found in the Bible came from the lips of Jesus when He addressed the religious leaders of His day. The Old Testament judgments upon the wicked are tame in comparison to the "woes" pronounced upon these men who were called to be a light set upon a hill. These "woes" were directed towards the "social sins" that these men were not only ignoring but actually taking part in promoting.

If the Restoration movement which God raises up does not speak for Him, then He will have the very stones cry out. This is exactly what has happened in our day. The Abortion issue has been completely ignored in our day because of politics and love of the status quo. Political correctness is the Baal god of our day. This matter of political correctness has blunted the ministry of the much of the Christian church today. Now those who seek to call out the prevailing sins of the day are called extremists and alarmists.

It is no wonder that the gospel message of Christ has fallen upon deaf ears. The moral sensibilities of society have been completely eroded because the true Christian church has refused to give the trumpet call of alarm and stand forth with the banner of Truth and the Word of God. We are called to proclaim a "Thus saith the Lord" and call the world to moral accountability from the Bible. Who do we see giving the alarm today?

We exalt in the writings of the great Protestant Reformers and discuss how many angels can dance on the head of a pin while the moans of the dead and dying are drowned out by our religious chatter. If we would take a loud and firm and actively public Biblical stand on the moral issues of the day like drug abuse, alcoholism, tobacco use, prostitution, pornography on television and in print, abortion, the evolution/creation debate, and homosexuality we would see the world at the door asking "what must we do to be saved". Then we could point all to behold the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world. The Law of God must be proclaimed from the street corners so that the Gospel and the love and mercy of God will have RELEVANCE!!

It must make the angels weep to see such indolence among the ministers and the churches. We have withdrawn within ourselves while the world is left to perish. Are we hiding behind our closed church doors while Christ points us to the open door and the fields of harvest that are ripe and ready to be harvested? Shall we walk on by on the other side while millions of slaughtered innocent babies cry out from the dumpsters behind hospitals and death "clinics"? Shall we be silent while the enemy comes in like a flood with his Evolutionary lies, pornographic television programs and movies, and drug related murders are all around us?

We as ministers of the Gospel must give the trumpet call to the Sanctuary where we will find all the power and strength to fulfill the Great Commission that our Master has called us fulfill. The love of God constraineth us.

Lord give us men who will heed the call!!

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