The Good News of the Judgment

Addictions and Other Sins of the Flesh in the Judgment Hour
William Diehl

To young homosexual fellow,

A public forum is not the place to discuss the why's and wherefore's of the Sodomy abomination of sexual and chemical addiction. All that needs to be said is that Christ had to die on the cross to purchase your pardon with His blood. In light of His great love and sacrifice for you, you need to repent and be thoroughly converted to Christ and He will give you the victory over every besetting sin. The Holy Spirit will give you a hatred for the sins that you once loved. Christ is the only Savior who can help you. You are merely whining and making excuses for your sins. We who have come out of the world have all had to turn away from drugs, alcohol, and immorality after we came to Christ for healing and forgiveness.

You don't need to "come out of the closet". You need to go back into the closet and pray your way through this abomination and Christ will give you the victory. You will begin to hate the things you once loved and to love the things you once hated. Find an older Godly man in your church who can be a father figure for you and begin to pattern your life after him and you can learn to think and behave like a man. This can be done. You can't pretend with Christ. He knows your motives and will heal you if you want healing and not just sympathy from those who will tolerate disgusting perverse habits and inclinations. Bill D.


On the contrary, this forum is an ideal place to anonymously bring one's problems. Jonathan is honestly asking for our prayers and for wise counsel, not our sympathy. In his honest seeking, we can give him that...not more condemnation.


If you read my post I did not give only condemnation. Anyone who is sick needs to go to the Great Physician to be healed. Before anyone can be healed they must come to the admission and conviction that they are absolutely lost and dead in trespasses and sin. This lost conviction does not involve "coming out of the closet" and seeking a lot of sympathy and hand holding and comforting from the Christian community. When we sin and are convicted in our deepest being that we are lost, we must go to Christ and rend our heart and not our garment. This is the ONLY cure for sins of the flesh or any other sin for which we are convicted. The problem is that many do not realize the seriousness of these sins which totally destroy the soul and even the personality of the sinner. Unrepentant sinners are not victims who need comforting and hand holding. They need honest truth as to the terrible and serious nature of their problem.

The wounds of a friend are better than the comfort of an enemy. I am not this fellow's enemy because I have told him the truth. He is under the vain imagination that his problem is God's fault or a genetic problem. He has got to come to the absolute conviction that this perversion is sin and that he needs to be saved from his sins. If he believes the good news that Christ loves him and died for him a sinner, then he will repent and cry out to the Lord for salvation and deliverance NOT cry out to others around him for sympathy. I know what I am talking about, Kelly. To give an unrepentant sinner sympathy in this matter causes the sympathy giver to become an enabler. Those who are addicts, whether drugs, alcohol, or sex addicts, are always seeking "enablers" to comfort them and soothe their guilty consciences by telling them that they merely have an "illness" that can be helped by "group therapy" and lots of hand holding and "tolerance" of the abomination that they are involved in. This is an absolute deception and a fatal one at that.
Bill D., an old converted unworthy wretched sinner washed in the blood of the Lamb.


To the young fellow,

Your angry response is the typical response of the addictive personality. When people tell you the truth and you reject the counsel of ministers of the Gospel, you blame the messenger and reject the message. Read the word of God brother and you will find that the Apostle Paul dealt with immorality among the Corinthian believers in exactly the same way that we have done for your case. You are upset that people will not accept you, "just as you are". Well brother you have a misconception of the gospel of the Bible. The Gospel of Christ is, "Your sins are forgiven, Go and sin no more.". The Gospel is NOT, "Your sins are forgiven. Go and sin some more". Read the epistle of the Apostle Peter to the early church.

There is no need to discuss your "problem" on this open forum. As Paul states, you do things in secret that ought not to even be spoken about publicly. You are angry with RalphB for shutting down your attempt to make a public forum to discuss your filthy habits and want to blame others if you "leave" the church. I want to tell you honestly that you are not IN the Christian church unless you turn from your sins and completely reform your disgusting way of thinking and acting. This will take a thorough wholehearted repentance on your part and you will need to fill your heart and mind with the promises of Christ. This will involve denying yourself and taking up your cross and following Jesus. You will have to die to lust and perversion and the desire for unholy excitement. Your whole heart and mind and soul will have to be uprooted and replanted in the word of God and begin to walk in Christ Jesus in all holiness and purity of mind, word, and action.

These words are not pleasant to you I know, but I am telling you the truth. If you listen to these words, some day you will be grateful for having been told the truth as your life begins to reveal the sweet fruit of joy and righteousness and self respect and peace that passes all understanding in Christ Jesus. You have fallen, but you can rise up in Christ and sit with Him in His throne by His grace and enabling power. Others have done this throughout history and even today. Beware of those who will speak smooth things to you and want to pamper you in your battles. Keep your battle with sin to yourself and Jesus. Do not yield to the accepted culture of humanism in the world today which will tend to say, "I'm ok and you're ok". None of us are "ok". We all have our crosses to take up to follow Jesus. As we daily and moment by moment come to the foot of the cross we must claim the forgiveness of Christ and arise to be born again in Him partaking of the divine nature.

All of us who have come out of the world, including myself, are bidden by our Lord to put our hand to the plow and not look longingly back towards Sodom. We must all come out with our hearts following our feet. Come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing. To look back will turn us to stone as surely as was Lot's wife. There is nothing but death and sorrow and tribulation awaiting us back in the Sodom of this world's pleasures. Forgetting the things that are past, let us all press forward toward the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus. We are all struggling together till Christ Jesus be formed in us, not being conformed to this world, but rather being transformed by the renewing of our minds. Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus. He ever lives to make intercession for us at the throne of Grace.
Bill D.

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