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Quotable Quotes on Law and Gospel
Martin Luther  

Faith Fulfills the Whole Decalogue

    "It is faith alone that achieves this that all sins are remitted to us and that the whole Decalogue is fulfilled by faith, because faith alone gives me Christ, who is the fulfillment and the end of the law. What else does faith give? It imparts and brings with it the Holy Spirit, from whom all good works flow."—D. Martin Luthers Werke, Kuitische Gesamtausgabe (Weimar, 1883), Vol. XXXIX, Pt. I, p.482.

Law Must Be Fulfilled — Gospel Shows How

    "Now when a man has learned through the commandments to recognize his helplessness and is distressed about how he might satisfy the law—since the law must be fulfilled so that not a jot or tittle shall be lost, otherwise man will be condemned without hope — then, being truly humbled and reduced to nothing in his own eyes, he finds in himself nothing whereby he may be justified and saved. Here the second part of Scripture comes to our aid, namely, the promises of God which declare the glory of God, saying . . . 'If you believe, you shall have all things; if you do not believe, you shall lack all things . . .' God our Father has made all things depend on faith so that whoever has faith will have everything, and whoever does not have faith will have nothing . . ." —Luther's Works (Philadelphia: Muhlenberg Press; St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1955), Vol. XXXI, pp.348, 349.