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Editorial Introduction

This issue is devoted to a discussion of the place of the Old Testament in preaching the gospel.

The first article is by our Australian editorial consultant, Graeme Goldsworthy. For those who have not been introduced to Dr. Goldsworthy, he is an Australian Anglican clergyman who did his doctorate in the Old Testament under Dr. John Bright at Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Virginia.

The second article is by well-known Presbyterian scholar, G. Ernest Wright. The essay is selected from his path-finding book, God Who Acts.1

These two essays contain enough dynamite to blow a lot of trivial evangelicalism into oblivion. The points made by Goldsworthy and Wright are enough to cause a real shaking in just about every area of Christian theology.

In the third section this editor begins a series entitled "Christ, the Meaning of All Scripture, Life and History."

We appreciate that so many of you have taken the trouble to send us your comments. Most of our readers seem to read the letters' section before anything else. So here is your chance to "advertise" your point of view in the "hot spot" of our journal.

Come, let us reason together.

1 London: SCM Press, 1952