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We recently received a letter from a Pentecostal minister who not only reads our magazine, but actually recommends it to his fellow ministers. This is not because he agrees with it all, but because he considers it the most serious challenge to Pentecostalism he has ever faced. He tells his colleagues, "If you can answer Present Truth Magazine's challenge to Pentecostalism, you can answer anything." A Catholic professor also recommends that his colleagues read our magazine for similar reasons.

We appreciate having this kind of reader — men who are big enough to have their religious heritage called into radical question. Admittedly, we say some negative things. We make no apologies for pulling the noses of our readers who are supposed to be men with a formative influence in the church. Drastic times call for some drastic action. Mature Christians, however, should be able to disagree without being disagreeable. We have said this before, and we must say it again: The person who will throw our magazine away the moment he reads something he cannot agree with is not the kind of reader we are trying to reach.

This editor doesn't necessarily agree with every point in the articles published. My Australian Forum colleague, Geoffrey Paxton, would not agree with everything I write. There is, however, a foundational principle for this publication. The gospel of Christ and His righteousness is central, and this must continue to call all that we do and teach into radical question. By God's grace we are not going to be upset or angry if you call our teachings into question. On the basis of the gospel, bring forth your strong reasons.

"Come . . . ,let us reason together . . . "