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Editorial Introduction

In this issue of Present Truth Magazine we present three articles on the centrality of the gospel from three points of view:

The first article, "The Gospel As the Power of God," is by Reformed theologian Geoffrey J. Paxton. His main point is that genuine gospel preaching correctly handles the Bible and will do justice to its authority.

The second article, on "The Meaning of Grace," is by Lutheran theologian John T. Mueller. Naturally, he disagrees with Reformed theology in one area. We decided not to delete his criticism of Calvinism. If our Reformed readers are confident that they are right, they will not be afraid to look the Lutheran argument in the eye; and if they still have to reject Mueller's argument on one point, they will yet find much in the article to rejoice in. After all, it does fairly well represent the thinking of Luther and one great stream of Reformation thought. So we say, "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good."

The third article, "The Legal and Moral Aspects of Salvation" (Part 2), is by the editor, who has the dubious nondistinction of being an eclectic Reformationist (not Lutheran, but a Lutherite; not Calvinist, but a Calvinite).

Come, let us reason together.