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Editorial Introduction

In this issue of Present Truth Magazine we continue our series of articles on the subject of righteousness by faith. Our anonymous writer1 appears again with an excellent essay on "Ecumenical Developments between Roman Catholicism and Non-Christian Religions."

We are encouraged as we see a growing interest in the objective gospel and justification by faith in many sections (and most surprising places) within the Christian church. Religious subjectivism and charismania are not the only things able to cross all denominational boundary lines. We believe that there will be a great renaissance of the objective gospel in our generation. Many of the old religious boundary lines have already become obsolete. We can therefore expect a regrouping of religious loyalties in the days to come. The two articles in this issue of Present Truth Magazine could very well indicate the two points of polarization.

Come, let us reason together.

1 See "Editorial Introduction," Present Truth Magazine, Volume XXXII