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Editorial Introduction

In this issue of Present Truth Magazine are three articles related to the kingdom of God.

Professor George Eldon Ladd presents the kingdom of God theme in the Bible. This has long been a subject of great interest to him. In one brief essay Dr. Ladd summarizes years of scholarly work. This overview relates the kingdom of God theme to the Old and New Testament and to the first and second advent of Jesus Christ.

James E. Hanson's presentation on the righteousness of God, we feel, needs to be proclaimed in every church across the land. His method is direct and easily understood. He uses law and gospel like a sharp two-edged sword.

Geoffrey J. Paxton needs no introduction to our readers. Some may be scandalized by the title of his article, but we suspect that he is only trying to be provocative. We can't complain if he is biblical. Nor should we be shocked if he attacks our sacred cows.

Come, let us take the Bible and reason together.