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Theological Milestone

Thank you very much for sending me an advance copy of This Is Life to preview. This book must mark a milestone in theological publications. I am not aware of any other work which even attempts to approach the subject of man in such a completely wholesome manner. The biblical doctrine of man's spiritual, social and physical needs, responsibilities and relationships is set out with clarity and precision. Jargon which is obscure, even to Christians, is carefully avoided; and salvation, presented as total health, is surely what Paul calls "the fullness of Christ" in Ephesians 4:13. The New Testament doctrine of salvation is strongly associated with the idea of a return to health rather than just the bare forgiveness of sins. This Is Life demonstrates this in a lucid and absorbing presentation. All Christians should read and study This Is Life, and I hope and pray that it will have a wide distribution among the churches. If there is any way I can further this, please let me know. I will certainly be urging the members of my own congregations to read the book.

David McDougall
Anglican Minister

Valid Contribution

I must say that I enjoyed reading This Is Life and believe that it makes a very valid and worthwhile contribution. Much emphasis is given these days to the area of health, nutrition, dieting, etc., but very little from a soundly Christian viewpoint.

There are three aspects in particular that I appreciated:

1. The eminently common-sense approach to health, with no attempt to make sensationalist claims or to present "way-out" programs. As such, one must give assent to the straightforward points that are made on the basis of good health.

2. The author's emphasis on the wholeness of man as a total unit, which I have always strongly promoted from a biblical and theological viewpoint.

3. The strong emphasis on man's basic and total problem (sin) and God's total and freely given solution (grace), plus the fact that total healing is ours in Christ, guaranteed by promise now and fully realized in eternity. This is something in which the total person participates.

I can certainly commend This Is Life to our people, and I thank you for the opportunity of knowing about it.

Reinhard J. Mayer
Lutheran Church of Australia
Queensland District

Way of Outreach

I have finished reading This Is Life and would warmly commend it to Christians in Australia as a useful book to themselves and as a way of outreach into the community with something the general population needs.

Ron Hansard
Baptist Pastor


I have read through This Is Life and was particularly impressed with chapter seven, "The Verdict of Life," which makes plain personal acceptance and Christian assurance. This chapter alone is worth the rest of the book.

F. G. Smith
Baptist Minister


I would like to say that This Is Life seems to sum up in one volume the wisdom from the many self-help books I have read, and added so much more. The material is presented in a refreshing way. One feels he is having a really wholesome, satisfying meal—something to build on.

I found something really gripping on every page of the book. But one thing in the chapter on false expectations was particularly interesting:

"As we run the way of faith, let us not entertain the expectation that the tension between the 'ought' and reality will lessen because we are improving." "There is no limit to the usefulness of one who forgets himself and gives himself to be used by the Spirit. This world has been blessed by giants of faith. But ask where they put their faith, and they will point to the blood of Christ. Ask whether they are any nearer what they ought to be, and they will groan or laugh aloud."

This Is Life rings so true, and one can accept it without reservations.

K. Staines

Valuable Tool

Thank you for the advance copy of This Is Life. I would consider it very suitable for general distribution to the religious workers of Australia. I would also be quite willing to have a part in making an opportunity for my colleagues and their wives to judge for themselves whether "This" Is Life.

The book is a very readable distillation of the good news of total health, with a proper emphasis on the physical, social and spiritual relationships which together constitute life.

On its own This Is Life would perhaps lack the motivating power necessary to get the average Australian on the path to better health. However, I am not sure that additional tables or health-appraisal material would overcome this lack. Used in conjunction with a seminar to provide the initial motivation or in small groups where mutual encouragement and evaluation of personal lifestyles could add to the impact of its message, This Is Life should be a valuable tool in helping people to realize the possibility of total health and to pursue the practice of good health in their own lives.

Des Lowe


This Is Life sets out in a lucid manner how man can be complete and enjoy total health of body, mind and spirit. No one could read this book without being stimulated to be more complete. And no one could apply its principles without profiting greatly in all areas of his life.

Owen M. Gregory

Catholic Commendation

Your "better-health" program has contributed quite a deal to my happiness in my work. I feel that I am achieving more and doing it more effectively. And I am deeply grateful for what you have done for me.

Regarding the book, This Is Life: The chapters dealing with the laws of life—input and function—are very tastefully done, well reasoned, clearly explained and logically sequenced. Above all, what is emphasized would mostly be within the realm of possibility for the average person. And I like the chapter, "The Value of Life." To me it would seem to be a fitting end to Book One. Book Two would be the rest of This Is Life.

If the latter segment of the book helps to achieve motivation for implementing of the early chapters, then it, for me, has attained its purpose. And at the same time, in the hands of those working for the Church, it can stimulate deeper study and prayer with a view to intensifying our union with our Heavenly Father.

I commend most sincerely the work that this book represents.

Bernard Rogers
Rt. Rev. Monsignor
Vicar General

From Nigeria

I read This Is Life during our vacation and enjoyed it immensely. I think God will use it mightily to call into His fold modern man with his great needs. It really makes clear and relevant the way Christ fills our incomplete life. It will be a great book to loan out as well as to borrow thoughts from when I'm called to give various talks. Thank you very much.

Glenn and Bernice Verbrugge
Medical Missionaries

Slipping Up

I consider your journal to be very constructive, although I think you sometimes slip up a bit. Modern Christianity is diluted to the point of being thoroughly insipid. However, those here who see the difference are increasing.

Willis L. Bradley
New York

We don't deny that we "slip up a bit" You're very charitable. But we're moving in the right direction. —Ed.

Resource Material

Sir: I Recently a friend of mine gave me an issue of your journal as resource material for a paper which I was working on for a conference of pastors. I found the material which I read to be very valuable. Not only did it get me to do much thinking, but it also provided many answers to questions which I had. I would very much like to receive a subscription to your journal and will be waiting anxiously for my first issue to arrive. Keep up the good work!

Kenneth A. Kappel
Lutheran Pastor
New York

Keep It Coming

Your journal has been coming to our church library for the past year and a half, and it is sincerely appreciated by both the church staff and the members of the congregation. Only recently, a member of the congregation who was taking a seminary course found an article that summarized the history of the doctrine of justification by faith, and it was just what he needed for a paper he was writing. I could multiply examples of your journal's usefulness. Please keep it coming.

Edward R. Moser
Congregational Church Librarian

Helpful Training

My wife and I are missionaries engaged in evangelistic and church-planting work in a few small, unevangelized towns. We are very grateful to you and to God for your journal. It has been a great help and blessing, especially as we are now trying to train new local leaders.

Charles and Lynn Johnston

Meaningful Language

I am grateful for your work in presenting the truth of scripture in meaningful and concise language. Today we do have a problem understanding what others are saying, not because we don't understand language, but because the old, traditional words which have been used for years to convey the message of salvation in Christ have suddenly come to mean something else, therefore deceiving many. The old deceiver so often walks about as an angel of light, taking in unsuspecting people and the weak in faith.

Peter R. Hoim
Lutheran Pastor

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