Volume XIV:

Justification by Faith and Eschatology

  1. Editorial Introduction

  2. Eschatology in the Light of the Gospel

  3. Eschatology in Light of Justification by Faith Alone

  4. Justification by Faith and Eschatological Hope

  5. Individial and Cosmic Eschatology

  6. Justification by Faith and the Identity of Antichrist

  7. Justification by Faith and the Spirit of Antichrist

  8. Justification by Faith and the Israel of God

  9. Bibliography

Dedicated to the memory of John A. Slade (December 29, 1932 - April 21,1974), the late chairman of The Australian Forum, whose commitment to a revival of the Reformation principle of justification by faith and whose vision for a new Reformation in this generation helped to launch the publication of this new magazine two years ago.

The editor wishes to acknowledge the special editorial assistance given by this beloved man. Much valuable research work for the article, "Justification by Faith and the Identity of Antichrist," was done by John, and the presentation therein is largely his. He now rests from his labors, but his works follow him (Rev. 14:13).