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I —The Restoration of the Gospel

II — Special Edition — Justification by Faith

III — The Charismatic Movement

IV — Church Unity and the Gospel

V — Special Edition — Justification by Faith and the Charismatic Movement

VI — Justification by Faith and the Holiness Movement

VII — Justification by Faith — Law and Gospel

VIII — Do We Distort the Gospel?

IX — Justification by Faith and the Current Religious Scene

X — The Question of Authority

XI — The Burning Passion of the New Testament

XII — Pointers on How to Read the Bible

XIII — Justification by Faith and Christian Ethics

XIV — Justification by Faith and Eschatology

XV — The Upside-Down Gospel

XVI —Sanctification

XVII —Antichrist Today

XVIII — The Radical Nature of Justification

XIX —The Reformation Doctrine of Justification By Faith

XX —Understanding the Roman Catholic Doctrine of Justification by Faith

XXI — Justification by Faith and the Bible

XXII — The Old Testament

XXIII — New Testament Eschatology

XXIV — Nothing But the Gospel

XXV — The Primacy of Justification


XXVI — The Centrality of the Gospel

XXVII — Election

XXVIII — Special Issue — Covenant

XXIX — Theology and Body

XXX — The Righteousness of Christ

XXXI — The Man of Romans 7:14-25

XXXII — Righteousness by Faith (Part 1)

XXXIII — Righteousness by Faith (Part 2)

XXXIV — Righteousness by Faith (Part 3)

XXXV — Righteousness by Faith (Part 4)

XXXVI — Righteousness by Faith (Part 5)

XXXVII — The Kingdom of God

XXXVIII — Man (part 1)

XXXIX — Man (Part 2)

XL — Man (Part 3)

XLI — Preaching Christ from the Old Testament

XLII — New Testament Witnessing

XLIII — Restoring the Gospel to Its Rightful State

XLIV — Essays on Justification by Faith

XLV — Essays on Election

XLVI — Protestants in Crisis Over Justification by Faith

XLVII — Justification by Faith and John Henry Newman

XLIX The Gospel as an Evangelical Confession of Faith

L —What is the Gospel?

LII — Justification by Faith and "The Mark of the Beast"

LIII Justification and Sanctification: How They Relate to Each Other